Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Hair Diary - May 2013

Can you imagine my efforts are finally paying off? In a completely unobservant stint in front of the mirror, I realized my hair was an inch or two longer than few months back. This comes as a great news after so much trouble of growing an inch or two of my hair :(

In a very desperate attempt, I decided that I would not even get a hair cut till I even out all the layers of my hair. Well, having curly hair and layered cuts since like 3-4 years, it is quite unlikely that leveling of the hair will happen so soon. It might take 2 years for that at the rate of my hair growth!!

Anyways, I am happy to say that I had my last hair cut in January and it has been 4-5 months since my hair cut because that was before 6th Jan. And, I can hardly spot splits (very negligible) !! Isn't that awesome? Especially, when my hair is prone to splits within like 2 months of a hair cut. And, that makes me go back to all the previous hair diaries of this year and find out what exactly has worked out for me.

As far as I remember, I have been pretty regular with oiling my hair though more on scalp and less on ends. But, then, I was definitely using the pomegranate oil and I am planning something even more exotic this month if the budget permits! I think I have to set a beauty budget now otherwise I shall run myself into ruins :D

The simplest secret of how I am helping my hair to grow is using oil before and after hair wash though after is generally more frequent than the before. I wash my hair in the evenings and there isn't much time to oil hair after coming back from office so more often than not I make do without a pre-wash oiling routine.

Huhh...reading back the diaries haven't been much of revelation because I sincerely did not spend much effort on hair as much as I always seem to promise so guess I have yet more potential! If I stick to DIY's like I did in March, I would probably end up with better results. So, lets raise a toast to that, girls!!

But, beware of the air conditioning. It can seriously dry up the skin and tresses. I have to apply oil repeatedly which is a con because that makes my hair look oily and stringy sometimes! Sigh..hard bargains for greater good. But, I am looking at the silver lining right now so not minding the discomfort. And, I can always wash my hair for special occasions :)

I have to add here that a trim is good once in 3 months as it makes the ends looking lush and full! So, off for a trim soon.

Products Used
  • Leave-in and Scalp Treatment - Soulflower Grapeseed Oil with Rosemary EO + Soulflower Pomegranate Seed Oil + TBS Rainforest Coconut Oil + Neelibrigandi Oil
  • Hair Oil - TBS Rainforest Coconut Oil + Neelibrigandi Oil
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