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Just Gossip Vol. 10 - Whats up?

I am getting so tired these days and life is not exactly moving smoothly so lets just say I am not having ball of a time :D Anyways, dad's coming tomorrow so I am gonna be busy this weekend and I shall hopefully have amazing food!!

Oh btw, I saw Kai po che last weekend. Have you seen it yet? I would say that I am not really a fan of Chetan Bhagat but I loved five point someone at a point of time. But, 3 mistakes of my life doesn't make to my favorite reads. But, I would still recommend you to check out this movie, if you missed it. The performances are commendable! And, just for that you should see. And, yes, its a total copy of the book but the climax is twisted!! I didn't like the climax :(

And, what are your plans for the weekend? Oh ya, one more thing is I have bought soapnuts again last weekend along with lot of other things and tried it out on Wednesday. Honestly, I shall probably never learn how to really use it :( I did not apply any oil but even then there was no lather! Can anyone of you please share a procedure which you have tried and which actually works! Also, can you lemme also know if it works on well-oiled hair as well?? Someone had left a huge comment describing how she uses soapnuts sometime back but I totally forgot where it was. I shall search it for sure. 

So, see ya :) And, yeah, there might not be a post on Monday!

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