Omved Sushwasa Body & Bath Oil {Product Review}

Omved Sushwasa Body & Bath Oil Product Review

Price: Rs 490 for 80ml

Omved Sushwasa Body & Bath Oil Product Review

smells good
gives a fresh and cool sensation
doesn't feel very sticky

very expensive!
wish the stopper came with a hole!

My Experience
I got this product from natural mantra as part of their promotional campaign. But, the bottle wasn't too big that the product could last long enough so I shall write about the product based on 5 or 6 uses I could get.

Its a colorless oil which smells of camphor and ginger and feels awesome to apply. It doesn't really disappear into the skin like the Anirveda oil. But, I did like the ginger combination in the oil.

Regarding the moisturizing capability, I would say its good but not great so it would suit the normal or oily skin perfectly. Dry skin people might need another layer. But, it does make the skin really soft.

Also, due to the camphor, the oil feels a little cool sometimes. This is a feature which would be great in summers so you might want to try it then. But, the presence of ginger and black pepper doesn't make the oil feel warm. 

The only issue I have is that the bottle comes with the stopper but no hole so its an added work to pierce a hole. I wish it came with a standard hole in the stopper so the bottle is usable without any work. And, yes, it is expensive!

Online - Natural Mantra

PS: Product sent by website.

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  1. Hey Swati, nice post.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have decided to buy oils from Soulflower (from my Soulflower voucher) :) .. my mom wants a body massage oil and I will buy a couple of EOs to add to my hair oil .. Once again, thanks for the giveaway!

    1. are go the rose one as well???

    2. Of course - rose one will be the first one I get :D .. man, I am nuts on roses!