Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blogging Series Vol. 3 - Don't forget to buy the domain first!

tips on blogging

As you all would be aware by now that I have bought the domain recently for this blog, I suddenly realized its disadvantages! Yeah, you would ask, why? Ok, the details would be a little technical. 

Now, whenever I link to any post, whether within the blog or from outside, they create backlinks to the blog. These backlinks were all to the earlier valid blogspot address. 

Though blogger now redirects the blogspot address to the current domain but those backlinks are now invalid. And, these backlinks are essential to maintain blog page rank or popularity in the search engines.

Since these backlinks are invalid now, the blog's page rank is back to zero and it will take probably a long time to get back to the same PR. Though I have not yet seen any affect on traffic but this change is disheartening. 

So, the first lesson in blogging is TO get your own domain. When you buy it from blogger, it costs 10$ for a year. Well, I would suggest this only when you are sure you would like to write regularly, only then you should spend this money.

Also, a custom domain gives your blog an identity of your own. And, don't forget that going mobile is very essential for your blog business. That's the next thing in blogging.

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