Monday, April 9, 2012

Omved All Skin Types Ubtan {Product Review}

Price: Rs 120 for 50 gms

moong dal (24%), urad dal (24%), red sandalwood (24%), white sandalwood (24%), turmeric (4%)

- cleanses the face really well
- acts as an exfoliant and a cleanser both at the same time
- can be mixed with water, rose water, fruit juices, milk or anything we want to treat our skin to

- I really wish it came in a jar packaging. Make the storage easier otherwise you have to search it for yourself.

My Experience
This is brick red in color and smells heavily of red sandalwood. Frankly, I am not a fan of sandalwood fragrance which is a huge con for me. But, its not that huge an obstacle. I have loved using ubtans since long and they are one of the most ancient remedies we all swear by. Its availability in the market just makes it easier for us to get them and not undergo the huge process of making one at home which does involve some work. But, we can always add some of our own ingredients to this product and store it.
So, how do I use it? I simply wet my face and fingers and take some of the powder on the fingers and apply it lightly on the face and rub it. When needed, scoop more of the powder and use it. Its better for me as I am lazy to mix it in another container but you can always take a table spoon or half and mix it with some liquid to make a paste and apply on the face as a mask. Keep it for two-three minutes and gently scrub it off and wash.

It cleanses really well as all the ubtans do and the green gram dal is amazing at that. It is supposed to be helpful for tanning as well but since I have used the product on and off and not very regularly, I did not see any of those effects. The skin does glow and look supple and hydrated afterward which is something I really like. So, overall, the product does look interesting. It does last long enough but I guess it is a bit expensive for the quantity.

PS: Product sent by brand.
PS1: I have used the photos with prior permission from Tapaswini's blog "Beauty through my eyes". And, do check out her review of the same product :)

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