Friday, April 13, 2012

Are you keeping track of UV Index? {Sunscreen}

What's a UV Index? 
It's the measure of strength of sun's UV radiation. Its just like a weather forecast and tells you if you need to cover up from the sun or not. This measure has been standardised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) so its a reliable measure.
UV Index Table (Source)
How to check the UV index?
You can always google it for your own city. Another source is I found it while doing the googling myself :D And, the UV index of Hyderabad for April 12 to April 15 is 12 (Source). Who would think with the weather out there (its cloudy and rainy these days) that the UV index and radiation would be so high??? So, Hyderabadis, apply proper amount of sunscreen and don't venture outside in the noon unless absolutely necessary!!!

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  1. This is so informative Swati. Googling for delhi right now. Thank you.

    1. hey Swapna...yeah do share the UV index for Delhi too :) I didn't look for all cities!!!

  2. Usually, the index is highest during 11am - 3pm in countries where the climate is hot. It's best to avoid outdoor sports during that time range.

    1. ya even I avoid going out in between 11 and 3 but sometimes, can't just help it!!!

  3. Yes swati, sun shud be avoided between 10 and 3 .....nice post :)