Thursday, March 29, 2012

Summer Skin Care Essentials {Skin Care}

So, summers have started burning my skin here :( And, yes, I hate summers, a lot. I feel so hot and I don't really like AC's. I am more of a cooler gal!! Anyways, let us go through some summer skin care tips. And, I had meant to put up this post long long back but somehow laziness wore me down :S
  • Sunscreen: Must, Must and Very Essential!!!
  • Hats/Scarves/Umbrella (a light colored one): Accessories to protect yourself from direct sun rays. 
  • Don't go out after 10 and before 5. Rays are very strong. 
  • Tanning happens very easily in summers so protect your skin. 
  • Drink, Drink and Drink a lot and by drink, I mean water and herbal teas and fruit juices. 
  • Shades/Goggles: Get trendy with wrap-around shades which match your face. They not only add a style statement but also protect your delicate eye area from the sun rays and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
Day - time Routine
  • Cleansing: Don't over-cleanse your face in the heat. I know sometimes the face feels a lot itchy and prickly and the immediate impulse is to wash it off which you should when you have just come back from prolonged exposure to the sun. But, not if your skin just feels the heat. Cleansing the face twice to at most thrice a day is enough. And, get a cleanser which helps control oil.
  • Toning: Very very important in summers as skin goes less on the hydration. Make sure you use face mists at regular intervals and apply it just before putting on the moisturiser to trap in the hydration.   
  • Moisturiser: Heat is building up so you really don't want a moisturiser which makes you look like an oil pan. Go light and easy on your body lotions and face moisturiser. Go for the oily moisturisers unless your skin too dry. They help control oil and keep the face shine-free.
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  1. Swati, your posts always remind me about the things that I miss in my skin care routine.
    Though I have dry skin, I don't feel like moisturising during summer because it makes the skin oily, but I know I shouldn't be missing that.

    1. yeah, I know :) and, can you imagine I am using body butter right now :D but, frankly, its not that much of a butter :( I just wanna finish it!!! and, thanks for the other tip...deleted the whole thing as it wasn't making sense to put the message...the comment box always appears above that.

  2. Very very informative Swati :)
    (Check out the comment form message once, you have typed "her" instead of "here" I guess)

    1. thanks Lancy and yeah, deleted that message :)