Monday, March 19, 2012

Auravedic Pomegranate Grapeseed Face Polish {Product Review}

Price: Rs 300 for 100gms

Hope you are able to read the ingredients list and I am loving it :)
- moisturizes and firms up the skin well
- leaves the skin dewy and glowing
- unabrasive on the skin
- polish is very creamy and feels really good on the face

- exfoliating granules are too less, but probably this is not a con either!!!
- don't know if the anti-aging results are permanent

My Experience
Its been a long time since I have used a good scrub for my face. I am too lazy and my closet is too full :D So, when I received it, I was too excited to wait and used it almost right away. And, may I start by saying that it has a really weird smell but I love the pink color of the polish. It comes in a sturdy plastic jar packaging which I find very convenient.
The polish is very creamy instead of bring granular. It has very less density of granules so I never really felt it as a polisher. Instead, it was more of a luxurious indulgence and pure bliss for me. I love the way the polish feels, the way it spreads on my face and neck and the way it feels. But, if I have to about exfoliation, it doesn't do much of a job there.

The granules are very less in density and they don't really hurt the skin when being used which is good thing but I don't know if they really remove the dead skin cells either. So, I always use it more as a mask or a nourishing cream. I apply it in the morning shower after washing my face and leave it until I finish my shower. And, then, wash it off with cold water.
Results? It leaves my face glowing, firmed up (comparatively), glowing and dewy and supple. I really like the way my skin feels afterward. I have used it at least twice a week and still, I have managed to only finish a very little product so I would say that this will last for a long time. It definitely suits the dry and mature skin but I am not sure how well it will suit the oily skin because of its richness in oils and butters if you are breakout-prone.

PS: Product sent by the brand. 

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  1. I am also using it ! i am loving a lot! i fully agree with all the points you mentioned!

  2. For dry skin, which would you recommend this or the amla tamarind polish?

    1. hi Renuca..I would recommend this for dry skin...amla tamarind is suitable for oily and combi skin more :)