Monday, February 13, 2012

Should a face pack tingle or not? {Skin Care}

Hey Everyone!!! You might have wondered about the missing posts for Saturday and Sunday. The reality is that I forgot!!! Yeah, I know I am a bad blogger :( I have so many pending posts especially reviews and I am simply ignoring them. Ok, the truth is that the photo editor and touchpad are giving me a hard time so I am hard put to put images in the posts!!! 

So, today, I really wanted to discuss about something serious in skin care but I falling short of time so I thought I would put up a doubt which occurred to me today while using the Vedic Line Papaya face pack (review coming up tomorrow but I would definitely say it is a product to try out!!). The face pack always tingles for a minute when I apply it and it does have papaya extract. 

I have always liked my face packs to tingle on the skin but no other product. That always gives me the feeling that the face pack is doing its work. But, do you think that it should happen? Even the best of the face packs do tingle - Biotique or Liz Earle or Vedic Line or Dabur Uveda. For me, it really means that these products have active ingredients but then, I like the feeling only for a minute at max and it shouldn't transform into a burn or itch or even a red patch or anything of the sort. 
What about you? Do you like your face packs to tingle?

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  1. Yeah.. I also wish a tingle or instant glow whenever am using a face pack.. Currently am using Jooves Essence of Soya protein face pack & Avon MIlk & Honey Nourishing face pack..