Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Hair Diaries - February 2012

So, the second month is over and I am putting down my second entry in my hair diaries journal. I didn't try out any DIY or any hardcore deep conditioning treatment coz I am too lazy. But, some product probably saved my hair.

What did I do in February?
  • Ok, I added rosemary EO to the shampoo to give it a nice twist and see how would the results turn out. So far, its fine but nothing extra-ordinary. 
  • Now, you would also be interested in how rosemary EO worked for me which I mentioned in my last month's hair diary. I have not seen any major improvement or anything but to be honest, it's a little soon to say anything as hair always takes time to show any difference. 
  • Also, I heard that cinnamon is amazing in increasing blood circulation so I was thinking of getting its EO. And, I would be researching more on the EO's good for hair and would be reporting back.
  • And, I did regular oil treatments, not even hot. That was the limit to my hair care routine. I know I gotta try harder to reach my goal!!! 
  • Btw, my hair is already developing split ends. I know why? Because, my hair had been uncut for a long time and the hair cut last month had not been more than a little trim and style change so I gotta trim my hair a little regularly till all the split ends are resolved.
Products Used
So, guys, any tips which I should use??? 

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  1. oh am also using kama brigari oil..its nice plus pricey..thinking to try its organic coconut oil

    1. yes, Nami, its nice but definitely very pricey!!!

    2. have they got organic oils????

  2. yes i have used their organic coco oil and have quite liked it.also they have a blend of sesame and coco oil for body care:)

  3. I m using vatika hair oil
    is it good for hair fall?

    1. hey...I have used vatika hair oil long back and I have no idea if it really works for hair fall. do check this out to control hair fall:
      hope this helps :)

  4. Thanku so much but does onion juice wrok?

  5. Is onion good in summer?

  6. Can i use onion with honey to make it soft?