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My Shelf is overfull - Body Care {Beauty Products}

So, hope you enjoyed the sneekpeek into my skin care products. Today, we would be continuing with body care.

how am I ever going to finish so many soaps?? all hotel stuff except the two big bars
Products already reviewed:
Body Oils
In case you are wondering about Apricot oil, it is thick and has a nutty flavor
Products already reviewed:
Body Lotion
one from the September Haul
Deodrants and Talc
Products already reviewed:
So, this was about my body care products.



  1. i have that nivea deo..recently read in my medical textbook that deos have carcinogens which cause cancer in the long thinking of dumping deos swathi...

  2. Drool-worthy collection! Where do you get apricot oil & how much did it cost? Could you do a post on it?

  3. @pavani yeah that's true that deos have carcinogens and they have alcohol too so drying for skin....actually I was dumping them but I thought it would be best if I have one deo for emergencies :D at least till the time I make one and yeah I did write a post on why one shouldn't use does give comments on what you think about it:

  4. @poohkie thanks :) the apricot oil - one I got from a website and one I got from one of the general stores...I using the website one and you know its awesome!!!! I don't have words...never have I used a better oil (almond or coconut or any)!!!! I shall review it within this month...remember the apricot scrub, the oil came with that only...the whole set is awesome :)