Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some Remedies for Dandruff {Reader's Tip}

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This was posted by Ramesh very kindly as a comment but instead I am choosing to make it a post. This for people who are suffering from dandruff. 
  • apply onion juice on the scalp 2 times a week
  • drinking 4-5 liters of water everyday
  • taking a balanced diet and not indulging in junk foods
  • taking biotin tablets
Well, drinking 4-5 liters of water everyday is something of a feat to achieve rather apart from the fact that it will make you feel bloated but I guess drinking more than adequate water (around 3-3.5 liters a day) would answer. A good start anyway!!! And, the difference, according to him, would be visible in 15 days.


  1. wow nice tip.I dint knew about it.When i face dandruff,i use the mix of coconut oil and half a lemon's juice,and leave it on my scalp and hair over night.And in the morning i wash it.It worked within 7-8 days.I don't use lemon during daytime as it can make us photo-sensitive n it lighten hair color if daily exposed to sun.

  2. yeah...that's true...lemon or any citrus fruit shouldn't be used in the day time and it does lighten the hair color too....but lemon does dry the hair too which is a bog disadvantage I you don't apply it after 1 day or you do this treatment daily????

  3. Hi swati,ya lemon is a bit drying in nature,that's why i use it with coconut oil to prevent the drying.i use it continuously for 3-4days then 2-3 days i use it every other then my dandruff is gone... I am with happy hair once again :)