Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reminiscing Life through Beauty Products {Beauty Products}

Remember the post in which I shared that probably skin behaves better when we stick to just one product instead of hopping on to different, Monali shared about how her mom is also addicted to same products after all these years and she asked me about about my HG products. So, I have been thinking and thinking and still thinking!!! Yeah, since last 4 years and, especially, since the time I have started blogging, I have been really hopping on various products without sticking to one which is extremely bad. But, I will still recount some of my favorite (or may not be so favorite) products which have worked for me and I know will work for me if I return to them. 
  • Face Wash : My first face wash was in the first year of my Engineering and it was the classic Garnier face wash which I truly love to bits. It never made my face dry and I had stuck to it for a very long time. 
  • Soap : Yardley soaps are my favorite. I have used only one bar till today but they are the best. Sorry to say but even better than Lush. So, yeah, I will end up going back to it. I am just waiting for my stock to get finished. Speaking of which, I am yearning to share my stock of beauty products with you all and I have clicked pics. Just have to edit and put them up. But, if I go back in time, I was addicted to Pears. Ok, not at all a good choice coz it used to make my skin horribly dry but I never understood that then.
  • Moisturizer and Body Lotion : Nivea ever since I can remember. I am in love with Nivea and nothing can change my mind about the brand. And yeah, it helped me during one of the worst times of my life and you wouldn't really believe it of Nivea coz its supposed to be so thick and sticky. I came to Vizag to give EAMCET in the really hot and rather disgusting weather of April and I had come from Simla so you can very well imagine what I would have roasted into. There were boils all over my hands and face - a really strange allergic reaction which Nivea calmed down instantly. And, that too the dry skin lotion. Since then, I had been using the body lotion for quite long.
  • Hands and Feet and pretty much everywhere else : Vaseline. Yeah, much is said about petroleum jelly today but trust me, braving the horrible winters of Simla when your skin is literally cracking is not simple and that was the only thing that worked.
  • Hair Oil : Bajaj Almond Drops worked for me. Yeah, that was even before Rogan Badam so that would be my HG though even Rogan Badam is awesome!!! And, then Keo Karpin worked well but I discontinued it coz of the smell. It started giving me headaches. Parachute and Vatika were discontinued coz they froze in the autumn of Simla leave the winters :D
  • Shampoo : Pantene has always worked for me and it works beautifully. Yeah, I discontinued that too but I have been loyal to Pantene for quite long.And, strictly speaking, Sunsilk (the older ones) and Nyle have been disastrous for my hair. If you remember Chic shampoos, they also worked great for me but I guess they were discontinued.
Can't pretty much remember anything else though so I don't think it is worth remembering. Do share your products throughout your life. And, thanks to Monali that she asked me about my HG products, otherwise I would never have done such a post. It was fun :)

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  1. Hi.Thanks for this detailed post, :)May be you should do a follow ing part 2 of this post about your cosmetics too...It will be nice and fun to read that too...

  2. hmmm cosmetics you mean as in makeup??? or just general products??? I am not into makeup that much as you might have guessed so I was rather thinking of doing my present beauty routine which I follow!!! I definitely welcome your suggestions and must say you are giving me different ideas of posts :)

  3. Hi swati,ya i mean make-up,but you can add any other cosmetic product,if it's your HG,we would like to know about good products that worked/ing for you :) And thanks for giving my ideas a shot and doing such lovely posts.And call me Nosy or demanding,but can you also add an "about Me" page in your blog,after all many readers including me must be curious to know about this lovely blogger of ours. ;)

  4. hey Monali...nah I don't apply makeup so can't put up a post...I am currently using faces mineral compact so if I like it I shall do a review and have scheduled nivea lip balms post and only kajal and nothing else :)
    hmmm regarding the about me page, actually the thing is I am not comfortable but give me sometime, I might come around that idea soon coz this post has made me talk quiet a lot about myself...hope you understand and no offense :)

  5. Hey chic shampoos r still available..n bajaj almond drops work for me too :)

  6. oh, are they?? I shall try to find them out in Hyderabad...I always feel things are more easily and widely available in Dlhi and Mumbai!!!!