Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rhoto Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash {Product Review}

This is not exactly a review but just sharing the experience. I got a sample of this when I went to the Inorbit Mall and I was able to use the sample three times so I just want to share how it was. Rhoto is a brand from Japan which is launching its skin care line in India. This is specially meant for people suffering from acne.

No SLS /SLES...yay!!!

My Experience
its very thin in consistency and not very creamy also
It foams very less if you take the above shown quantity and is enough for both face and neck. And, if you keep on massaging it to get more foam, a point comes when all the product disappears into the skin. Weird!!! But, I like that point. I don't like too much foaming cleansers. But, it foams well if you take a lot of quantity. This face wash is recommended for people suffering from acne hence the name. Since I am not having any breakout problem, I can't comment on how well it will handle that but I can definitely say that my face looked brighter and radiant after using this face wash and in a completely natural way. And, my skin felt softer to look at and supple. The face wash wasn't drying on my skin too. I was too lazy to apply any moisturizer afterward so I slept without having anything on my face and my face was glowing next morning and no oil on my face too. Very little oil on the nose but otherwise my face was super clear. Too many good things from a small experience so definitely a face wash to look out for.

They have also released men's face wash range and one with activated charcoal which I am very much interested in trying out. 


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