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Himjoli Apricot Scrub {Product Review}

I had ordered this scrub online.Check out the Himjoli products page. They are a free trade market devoted to help the women of Uttaranchal. I had ordered this scrub from which sells the scrub 3 times its actual price which I came to know later but then I had an offer so I had to use it up!!! But, there are many brands which are coming in the market with such products which look and feel the same.

Price: 100 INR for 100gms

Apricot kernels

My Experience
As you can see in the pic, the scrub is more like a powder. Basically, this product is hand pounded apricots. And, I think even if we pound apricots at home, something like this would result. Now, whenever I mix it with some liquid, it becomes absolutely mushy and no longer stays like a scrub. When applied, its like a paste which you are applying to your face and its more of a face pack than a scrub. You can mix it with any liquid and the scrubbing action is really less so it can be used daily too. It makes the skin really soft though I wouldn't really say one gets any glow if used alone but if combined with proper liquid, the results are better. It is definitely a good product for daily use and really gentle on the skin and completely unlike the apricot scrubs commercially available which are generally pointed and harsh.

My Recommendation
Yes, absolutely!!! If you are residing in Dehradun, they have a store there. And, for Mumbai and Delhi, they have provided contact numbers on the base of their website which is suppose for the wholesale purposes.

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  1. hey i bough the 50 ml jar from crafstvilla, and i really like it but i find it very fine to use i can use is daily if i want to..

  2. Hey, I think I saw something like this at HP. But I don;t know why I did not buy :(

  3. @SSG hey....yeah it is very very fine so it can be used everyday wihtout any concern...even I sometimes use it on consecutive days :)

  4. @Nivedita do buy next time you come across it....its being sold at many places now a days with various brands but I think the product texture remains same...

  5. I never heard this..sounds nice..

  6. yeah Bhumika...the brand is not very popular...its mainly based in Uttaranchal but the scrub you can find sometimes in H&G and other such stores...not the same brand but same kinds!!!

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