Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why is good posture important?

I have already talked about the effect of sleeping posture on our height and exercises for better posture. Now, after speaking about those things, I want to talk about why maintaining a good posture is actually important. There are definitely some obvious reasons like improving self-confidence and your appearance.

The first and foremost benefit is that you do not ever get back aches. Spinal Cord is the first thing which gets affected due to a bad posture and over the years, it loses its strength. Maintaining a good posture makes sure that you spinal cord has strength. Do not strain your spine. And, a proper posture helps in increasing your height as I have already pointed out in my earlier posts. 

Then, there comes benefits of decreased risk of injuries, proper airflow in the body and increased energy levels. Oh, and before I forget, let me point out that a poor posture enhances your body fat and flab. Also, you seem lethargic and convey vibes of sluggishness.

Now, how to improve your posture?
  • Walk with your shoulders forcibly held back and head should be held parallel to the ground. This will put stress on your shoulder blades but that is fine. It will be there until you get used to it. 
  • Always walk with foot facing forward instead of an outward open position. This will help prevent any knee pains in the future.
  • Sit in an upright position in a high backrest chair. Make sure that you provide support to the small of your back too. Otherwise, you will end up with back problems.
  • Do not let your spine remain curved at any time of the day.
  • Hold your neck in a relaxed and upright position. You do not have to stretch the neck forward or high like a camel. Just be comfortable and always hold it in such a way that your face is parallel to the ground.
These are some of the ways in which you can improve your posture and look better. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Why not to get a laser surgery done?

Eye Sight has increasingly and alarmingly become a very common ailment of the recent times thanks to the evolving technology which keeps us addicted to it. But, eye sight also depends on various other factors like your genes, reading habits and nutritional deficiencies.And, now, again thanks to technology, we have various innovative ways to avoid looking geek with huge glasses on our faces. Though, I would say some people look much better in specs than without. You just need to choose the right one for yourself. Contact lenses and Laser surgery have become much in demand these days. Both of the methods have their pros and cons.

I wanted to share with you an article which I came across. The article lists down various reasons for not getting a laser surgery done. Some of them are correct but some are just precautions. But, the most important point is the manipulation of the cornea done during the surgery. To speak in a layman language, cornea is a thin transparent covering over the black of the eyes. It increases or decreases in its thickness according to the eye sight. If you have negative vision, cornea gets thicker and viceversa. So, during the lasik surgery, the thickness of the cornea is manipulated according to the needs to restore the eye sight correctly. In this process, the cornea flap has lot of chances of getting damaged. And, moreover, there is a very high chance of getting back into the specs sooner or later after the operation. So, in case you are considering getting a lasik done, I would suggest you to go through this article and and then decide.

A request: Would welcome all your suggestions and comments whether they support or refute the article. And, in case, I have made a mistake, please feel free to guide me to the right knowledge. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exercises for better posture

I was talking about relation between sleeping posture and height yesterday. So, continuing on the same lines, I would also like to bring to your attention that posture is something intrinsic to the way we carry ourselves and the older we grow, we slacken our postures and cause harm to our bodies. So, today, I would share with you some exercises for better posture. Read about the exercises here. 
And, let me remind you that better posture not only makes you look more beautiful, it improves your self-confidence, helps with self-esteem issues you might have and causes your body to lose unnecessary weight and makes you look even more attractive. So, start practicing these exercises for better postures from today.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleeping posture decides height

It does sound strange, right!! I am not sure actually if it a verified scientific belief but I am sharing this with you because I feel it might be true to a certain extent. But, not necessarily for all. Sleeping is one of the most important activities in our life. If you know, we sleep for more than 1/3rd of our lives! I know that its a lot. So, definitely the way we sleep would have some or the other effect on our body.

There are a lot of ways people sleep and the most common way is to get curled up and sleep on the side or stomach. This might be a great way to get deep sleep but definitely not good for your height. Because, it severely restricts your spine from getting relaxed and comfortable. And, if your spine is not straight, you would look almost 2 - 3 inches shorter than your actual height. You know that when you get up in the morning, you are an inch or two taller than your normal height and when you go to bed at night, you lose those inches. This is because of the gravitational pull on your spine. Now, as to the number of inches you lose, it also depends greatly on you.

So, if you want to increase your height and look taller, the best way is to sleep flat on your back. Or, no matter how you sleep, just make sure that your spine is straight. You can tuck a pillow in between your knees if you sleep on the side or under your knees if you sleep straight to prevent exerting pressure on your spine. I have noticed that if I sleep on my back, I tuck one of my legs under the other and if I sleep on my side, I tuck my hands in between the knees. This is probably just an instinct of the body to avoid strain on the spine. Not using a pillow is also a good thing for your spine but many people are used to using a pillow so use a small pillow instead of a high one. It will give relief to your neck and avoid uncomfortable postures which you might develop while using high pillows. And, regrading the mattress, use one which is not too soft and not too hard. Rather, choose one which is a bit towards harder side instead. It is good for the health of your spine. And, believe me, you do not want to get back problems ever in your life. I am sure all people suffering from back problems will agree with me. If you never encountered one, you are lucky and strive to remain that way. And, console yourself that it sure makes you look taller too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to avoid wrinkles during sleep?

Don't we all love to sleep like Garfield????

A wrong sleeping posture has been attributed to the increasing premature wrinkles on our faces. This is for people who do not sleep flat on their backs. And, if I am not wrong, many of us actually fall under this category. Many people do not feel comfortable and get deep sleep if they sleep flat on their backs and since childhood, we get used to sleeping on our sides and on our stomachs. Personally, I feel there is nothing wrong with that but it is certainly true that sleeping in those postures creates folds on the skin which on a prolonged time develop into fine lines and then deep crevices in the skin. So, if you want to avoid that happening to your face, you should practice sleeping straight on your back. Or, you can find various other home remedies to get rid of wrinkles here.

Well, I am not very sure I would ever be able to follow this advice. So, I started searching out for alternatives. The simplest answer which I thought was to apply a little on oil around the eye area to prevent the skin from wrinkling. Yes, it is as simple as that. You can take a drop or two of coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil or vitamin E oil straight from the capsule and massage it gently into the skin around the eyes and also on your lashes. Take care not to let the oil enter your eyes. This way, you skin remains moisturized around the eyes and does not get wrinkles. And, applying the oils like coconut, castor, vitamin E and almond also makes sure that the already fine lines go away. And, the added benefit of massaging the eyelashes with oils is that it ensures better growth of eyelashes. Just remember to wash your hands properly before applying the oil. You can substitute the oils with any natural body butter you have. Shea or Cocoa butter will also do a good job. And, you can also go for milk cream or white butter which is the perfect home remedy for removing the tan and darkening around the eyes due to exposure to sun. But, sleeping on your back still remains the best way to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Always have a bottle of calamine lotion {Product Review}

Lactocalamine Skinsurance Classic for oily skin
Just a small advise from my side for everyone irrespective of their skin type is to always have a bottle of calamine lotion at home. Sudden and unexpected outbreaks are no irregular in the lives we lead even for the driest of the skins and in the unlikeliest of the weathers. These outbreaks are all thanks to our lifestyle and the pollution around us and not to forget the amount of chemicals we are slathering.

So, always keep a bottle of calamine lotion or a clay mask. And, when ever you have an outbreak, you can use either of them. A topical (on spot) application is fine with the lotion where as a clay mask should be done for the complete face. And, if I am not wrong, I should say a weekly or monthly application of a clay mask is actually not a bad idea for any skin type because it absorbs all the dirt from the skin and balances the oil production.  

You can read this post to know why clay masks are necessary for skin. So, go and get yourself a calamine lotion today if you do not have one and you would not be bothered with pimples and acne and other outbreaks. Calamine lotion works well for short notices and temporary fixes and acts as a great foundation for your make up without making your face oily. And, it also holds make up for long.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ginger-Fennel Detox Drink

Detoxification diets are supposed to clean and free your body from every kind of toxins which you have been having since years. You can either hold a detox diet for a day in a month or follow it every day by doing simple changes to your routine like drinking a detox juice. More regular you are in your detox program and more you eat healthily, the cleaner your body will be. Today I would be sharing with you a detox drink made from ginger and fennel seeds. 

1 Big Ginger Root
1 tablespoon of fennel seeds

Boil them in a glass full of water. Add salt to taste or you can avoid salt too. You can improvise this drink by adding fenugreek seeds, spinach leaves juice and lemon juice. 
Drink the juice every morning to keep your system clean from the inside.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

11 Reasons not to eat dairy products

Yesterday I was just browsing through the internet and looking up on certain articles on eating dairy products and their effects on health. Well, let me inform you if you do not have an idea that eating dairy products cause us to age quickly because the dairy products are acidic in nature. Avoid milk and milk products if you want to look young. But, I actually came across an article which put forth a total of eleven arguments in favor of not eating dairy products and some of them, I must say, are really compelling and made me rethink about milk, milk products and the consequences.

The main argument is the condition in which the cows and buffaloes are kept and the food they are given to eat. And, personally, I have seen some cowsheds within my city and I acquiesce with the condition. The cattle is generally fed
Milk has also been linked to osteoporosis and arthritis. And, one more thing which I want to add is the milk in the cartons and packets we get now are pasteurized and deprived of all the nutrients so you drink milk or not, it is not going to make any difference to you. You can read the entire article here.

There is something more I would like to bring to your attention. I did some research on milk and discovered that there is a growing craze of drinking raw milk these days as it is deemed to be highly beneficial for the body. For that, I just have to say that one should never drink raw milk and please never feed it to your children. There are lot of viable reasons for that. Firstly, the cows are no longer getting their feed from clean green fields as they used to when there was less pollution during the time of our grandfathers. Secondly, the food they are fed might have bacteria which is not good for our bodies so you really need to kill that bacteria. And, finally, you do not know about the hygienic conditions in which the cows are milked. Thus, boiling raw milk is the best way to consume milk and if you use the milk cartons available in the markets, you can drink straight from the carton as that milk is already pasteurized and does not need to be boiled. Drink a glass of boiled milk everyday to stay healthy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to reduce food and water wastage?

Food and water wastage is a really big problem in the world, especially, when a lot of people are dying of hunger and thirst. At the rate we are depleting out water resources, there will one day be a grave shortage of water for our future generations. The water table under the Earth has barely any water left during the summers and we are not getting enough of rains to fill the water table again.So, there is great article which I came across which talks about how to save food and water. Have a look at it here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you check the expiry dates of your products?

Checking Expiry dates of the products is really very important. Be it a face cream or a chocolate or any other processed eatable, there is a limited time in which these products should be used up. Otherwise, there are just worth discarding. It is very obvious that one spends a lot of hard-earned money buying favorite edibles or cosmetics and no one really feels like discarding the stuff. So, always make sure you buy only the required amount of things and finish them before buying another lot. This applies for both cosmetics and eatables. And, before you buy, make sure that the product is fresh so that you would not have to end up discarding it.

Expiry Date poses problems most for eatables and sunscreens. And, any other product which has active ingredients in it like enzymes or vitamins. Sunscreen formulations always degrade with time so it is always best to buy a fresh product and use it up before you buy another batch. Similarly, check on the expiry date for the eatables because generally the eatables are in edible condition for only six months from the date of packaging. So, next time, pick the freshest batch of snacks or biscuits. Even the fresh veggies have their own expiry date as you well know. So, do not bother keeping foods in your refrigerator. Instead, go and buy the freshest vegetables and fruits you can. And, do not forget to compost all the raw food if you are discarding instead of throwing into the dustbin.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lose Weight with Love

This is a really interesting article I came across when looking for weight loss tips. And, probably the best one which I think will work out for anyone who cares to give it a try. The articles says to love your body and yourself for what you are instead of just cringing on every extra flab and fat on your body. Accept your belly pooch or wrestler arms and look for the goodness in yourself. Appreciate yourself instead of criticizing. And, treat your body as a temple. Look out for everything you feed it and feed only the best and freshest things available. It might seems impossible to try all the items listed in the article so go for it one by one and try to substitute something which is not available. Like, the article says you to incorporate green juice. You can use the spinach-lettuce drink as a substitute and add other various foods which you like. Read the entire article here.

I would like to add that whatever your body type or size, it is very important to wear clothes which flatter you not the ones you flatter. Some clothes look fabulous on mannequins and friends but if they do not flatter us, there is no point looking silly in such clothes. If you have unsightly arms, do not wear sleeveless. Avoid wearing fitting tops and shirts with potbellies. Instead, go for umbrella cut tops which will hide your paunch and believe me they would make you look great. These were just examples. So, next time, you choose clothes, choose wisely and do not forget to try them before buying. Same goes for jeans too.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Best ways to beat stress

Stress is an inevitable threat in today;s lifestyle. Be it jobs or college or schools or even taking care of the family. especially, children, it has become rather difficult task. Even small gestures and events like getting struck in a traffic or chaos with office colleagues can cause a huge amount of stress. And, every small thing which goes wrong or unexpected causes stress. Stress is something which should be avoided at any cost. At least, you should not let it become a part of your life, if you can not avoid it. There are some simple things you can do to keep stress at bay. I will discuss today as many as I can think of.
  • Meditation: One of the oldest and most preached ways to get rid of stress and get back into a normal routine of healthy life. Even a 15 minute meditation can turn your day upside down. It makes you more calm, helps you think clearly in tight situation ans inspires you to deal with calmness in critical problems. 
  • Deep Breathing: Works the same way as meditation. The scientific reason for this is that due to stress, the oxygen intake by our body decreases and deep breathing allows your body to take a lot of oxygen, there by, making all the organs work smoothly and helps clear the brain. Even counting from 1 to 10 or 100 works pretty same way as meditation and deep breathing as it allows the brain to think rationally rather than responding instinctively (which can be pretty harmful at times). 
  • Writing down a list of things and Prioritizing: Before starting of to do any work, write down the lost of things you need to do that day. Make sure your list has all the works you really need to do whether you want to do it or not. Now, prioritize the list. Put the most difficult and hateful jobs at te top of the list. Making a list gives you a clear idea of what all you need to do and prioritizing makes sure that you do the most important ones before others. Review the list at the end of the day and check out all the jobs you have finished. If you have prioritized correctly by placing the worst jobs on the top of the list, you should be left with only very simple jobs by the end which you can actually do next day also. And, getting rid of the horrendous jobs gives you an immense sense of relief. An exercise for you: Next time you make a list of things, try prioritizing the things you are interested in and are easy to do and leave the uninteresting jobs to the end. Review your list at the end of the day. More often, you will be left with the very job you have avoided doing that day and trust me the sense of relief would not be that great. Treat Procrastination as a sin.
  • Eat Regularly and nutritionally: A regular routine of having food is a great stress buster actually. So, you ever feel stress, instead of going for coffee, go for a small nutritional and healthy meal which will make you feel wholesome and re-energized.
  • Sleep Well: Sleeping properly is one of the ways to avoid stress as our brain relaxes when we are asleep. 
  • Laughter: Laughter is always said to be the best medicine. Join a laughter club or go on an outing with friends and watch a funny movie. 
  • Socialize: Having a social life is very important. Make friends out of your work place too. And, spend time with them on weekends or whenever free. This would give you a different atmosphere and divert your mind. 
  • Playing: Yes, indulging in sports or physical activities produces adrenalin and other hormones which exhilarate your body and kill stress. 
  • Indulgence: Oh, there are so many kinds of indulgence. A sweet tooth to an ice cream, a spa treatment to shopping your heart's content. So, feel free to indulge in all your cravings when you are stressed out. Some people like cleaning their house or cupboards, some like eating, some like cooking, some like having a bath, some like working out, some like getting a professional massage or other beauty treatments to feel good about themselves. And, believe it or not, these things do work.
These are just some of the ways I can think of avoiding stress for now. Would definitely share with you in case I think of more. In the mean time, you go ahead and comment on how you deal with stress.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wake up early to kill weight

Waking up early is a big hindrance for many people in the way of healthy lifestyle. Some people can just not wake early. I am not commenting on anyone because you can count me in. I try so hard and sometimes, I am able to do it but most of the times, my routine gets disturbed and I end up sleeping till 11 or 12. It sounds heaven for some who do not get time for themselves. But, in the long run, it is really hell. But, I have observed that waking up early makes me happy, keeps me relaxed all day long and my day goes well overall. 

Waking up early does not really mean getting up at 4 or 5 but you can make a routine to get up regularly at 6 or 7. If it is not possible for you to do that right away, decrease your sleeping time by half an hour. Go to bed half hour early and wake up early. This way you would have an established schedule. Waking up early actually acts as a stress buster because your body feels good. And, you get to breathe purer and fresher air which does a lot of good to your body. If you do some deep breathing exercises, that would be even better for your system as you would be giving your body an overloaded dose of oxygen which will kick start your day. Actually, waking early is also great for your skin and hair too. And, it is a great boost for your self-confidence too. Actually, if you do anything out of ordinary or something which you have been trying to do and failed many times, it acts as a stress buster and confidence booster. So, try to do one thing better every day which will improve you overall.

Today's Habit: Try to wake up early than your regular routine and do some deep breathing exercises in the morning.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Procrastination Increases Stress

Our lifestyles have become so hectic and busy that our stress levels are always on the high. But, you know what, if you are a person who procrastinates any work, I have news for you. Procrastination is a major cause of stress. If you are really afraid of doing any task, do it and get done with it. After doing that task, you will have a major boost of self-confidence which is actually worth working for. I know how it feels to do a work when you really do not like doing. 

And, I am really embarrassed to confess that I have been procrastinating one of my work since three years!! I know it sounds really foolish, especially, when you do not have any other alternative. But, it is not that I did not want to do the work. Ok, may be, yes. The main reasons of my procrastination are lack of deadline, lack of pressure, extreme laziness, lack of passion for that work and fear of failure. In short, you can say that I am really low on self-confidence right now. But, I have come to realize and would really want to advise everyone who think of procrastinating a work even for a day that please do not. One day is equivalent to procrastinating indefinitely because you will never feel like doing a work which you do not like. But, I have come to realize that it slowly builds on stress. And, excess stress can even lead to depression and nervous breakdowns.

So, for everyone, leave the idea of failure and forget that there is anything like relaxing for a day when you have work. Get on with the work at hand. If you do not like it or are afraid of doing the work, break it down into chunks and deal with those chunks one by one. Everyone part of the work which gets completed will make you feel good and better and of course, the work you are supposed to finish is nearing the closing line. So, be optimistic and start from today. Trust me when you start getting on with the job, you will start enjoying your work too.

Today's Habit: Do your work today itself. Do not leave for tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to look younger? {Skin Care}

We all want to look younger no matter what our ages are. There are a lot of cosmetics and exercises and operations available which can make us look younger. But, these are not so easy to follow in the busy schedule of our lives. And, certainly, make up also does not do that good a job in keeping us young. Instead, you would be surprised at how many people think that make up makes them look older than their ages. So, here is a post which will help you look ten days younger in just two days.

The technique is nothing but an elaborate home facial done at home with a lot of steam to save the suppleness of your skin. A tip which I can give you is to keep your skin well hydrated no matter what season it is and you will always look younger than your age. Drink more fruit and vegetable juices instead of just plain water and see the difference for yourself.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Essential Oils: Good or Bad

Have you ever bought essential oils in the market? Do you know that there is an FDA regulation which allows the companies to say an essential oil is 100% pure if it has 10% pure oil in it. So, unfortunately, the essential oils available in the market are not at all pure. If you are absolutely sure of the brand you are using, then it is fine for you to use it. But, in case, you are a new user, it is better you do the brand research properly. Today, I would discuss how to create your own essential oil at home but it definitely would not be as strong as the original essential oils.

Take a transparent glass bottle with a screw top. Fill it with your favorite choice of herbs like rose petals, jasmine flowers, lavender flowers, orange peels or any other herbs you like. Fill them up to 3/4th of the glass bottle. Now, pour a base oil like almond oil, coconut oil or any other oil of your choice into the bottle up to half of the bottle. Now, close the bottle using the screw top tightly pressing the herbs in the bottle as much as you can. Put it in direct sun light for three days. Make sure the screw top is closed as tightly as possible. Keep on closing it even more tightly every day. After three days, you can strain the oil and use it anyway you want. Make sure you finish it before a week. So, make small batches every week.

You can also infuse your oils with herbs instead of going for essential oils. This way you will have pleasant smelling oils in the house and reap the benefits of the herbs along with the oils.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fasting for better Health

Have you ever tried fasting? I know many people do it for religious reasons. Many people tend to refrain from it also because they can't stay hungry for a whole day. But, apart from the religious reasons, there are scientific reasons also for holding fasts. Regular or weekly fasts are actually supposed to be really good for your system. If you are one who observes weekly fasts, you might have noticed that your body feels more livelier and you feel good. Your mood gets rejuvenated. This is just one of the effects of fasting.

Regular fasting is good for detoxifying your body. Not eating anything for a whole day helps your body to feel rested especially your digestive system and also helps your body to clean up the toxins and regulate the functioning of other organs of the body like liver, kidneys and other parts. The metabolic process also slows down apparently to give your body a little rest. So, rejuvenation also accompanies the fasting ritual. Other positive effects of fasting include improved immune system, efficient protein production, reduction in body temperature and improves the healing process of the body. So, you can also expect anti-aging effects from fasting too. Due to lack of proper nutrition, the body breaks down the fat reserves in the body so a controlled fasting routine would also help in weight loss. And, it also helps in increasing the life span of the person.

Thus, a weekly observed fast can help to clean your body and make it better. But, a prolonged fast is actually very harmful for the body and all the positive aspects would become negative actually. So, in case you are planning on a crash diet or anything, I would like to warn you that it would not actually help you in anyway. While observing fast, you need not starve your body completely. You can have fresh fruits, fruit juices and other nutritional liquids as they would also fulfill your nutritional  needs for the day. Eating and drinking light fruits and fruit juices will be good for your system. That would include citrus fruits, kiwi, avacado, figs, berries, cherries, litchi, apple, water melon and other light foods. You can also take fresh homemade soups made from spinach, cabbage, carrot, tomato and any other veggies you prefer. I would advise you to avoid heavy fruits and foods like bananas, dairy products, mango, papaya, dry fruits and nuts, any heavy vegetables like potato, chocolates and other junk food too. You should also avoid intake of salt and sugar. Choose a particular day in a week and make it a regular routine to avoid eating any solid food on that day. Some people observe fast by not eating anything in the day time and eating in the evening.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daily Body Massage to cleanse your body

Body Massage is one of the oldest ways to detoxify your body. It has been recommended in Ayurveda as one of the best ways to keep your body and skin soft and radiant. It is touted that one should make body massage a daily habit. It helps relieve stress, muscle pains, improves blood circulation, nourishes skin, lose weight and detoxifies your body. A daily massage also helps your body become immune to muscle spasms and sprains and all other kinds of injuries. A warm oil body massage is even better. It helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines and blemishes, not only on your face but also on your body, and helps you take years off your body. It helps make your skin more elastic, firm and flexible preventing any aging signs for a longer time. Oh, the best benefit of daily body massage is that it helps you sleep and also helps get rid of insomnia.

We might want to indulge in spa massage luxuries as frequently as possible but the main hitch comes  as lack of time and money. So, the simplest way is to include a 5 minute daily massage into your daily routine. Of course, the relaxation and soothing effect of a masseuse would be missing but at least you can gain a little benefit than nothing at all. And, you can always ask your spouse or friends to help with it. Making kids walk all over your back is another great way of providing acupressure relief.. Just make sure your kid is below 5  and you can handle the weight otherwise you might end up breaking your back. I have been trying to make the body massage a daily routine for a week and would say that I have found many differences in my body in a week only. My skin has become more radiant, luxuriant and soft. And, it does not get dry skin bouts which I used to get from time to time. The fine lines under my eyes and on my neck have started diminishing. And, I have also done a little experiment by leaving the massage after a week. And, I have also noticed the effects of leaving the daily body massage. The skin is not so soft and smooth and luxuriant and of course, the fine lines and other aging signs are not any more vanishing. So, I have decided to stick on to the daily body massage regime.

In case pampering yourself with massage daily seems too much difficult due to reservations on your time, you might consider going for a professional body massage once in a month.  Find out a spa which has professional and trained masseurs. Kerela massage therapists are one of the best available in India so in case you re going for vacation there, reserve a day for their massages. I have heard that it costs anywhere between 15,000 - 30,000 for one sitting. And, a sitting is for around 3-5 hours.

Now, how to massage your body?
  • First dilemma I faced with massaging my body was the time of massage. I, first, thought that body massage after a long day would be the best as it would help me relax. But, soon, I realized that the skin is not clean after all the exposure to sun and dust and pollution in the day. So, I figured a shower at night and massage in the morning would be a better routine. 
  • Warm a bowl full of your favorite oil in the morning. Close all the windows and the doors to prevent exposure to cold wind. 
  • Divide your body into 6 parts: chest and stomach, back, arms, legs, feet and face and neck. Now, start massaging your body starting from legs and arms. Use long single upward strokes on your arms and legs. Work towards the middle of your body or towards your heart. Use circular motions on your chest and back. You could ask anyone else to massage your back for you because it is not easy to reach your back. 
  • Do not forget to massage your feet. This would relax your feet and prevent the skin to turn hard and crack in the heels.
  • While massaging your face and neck, use the facial massage techniques.
  • Keep massaging your body with your palms with even pressure applied from whole of your palm. I know that finger pads provide better results but you might get tired easily while doing self-massages so your might want to stick to using palms. You can spend two to five minutes on each of your body parts and you would get finished in fifteen minutes at max. 
  • Wait for half an hour or so before you go for a shower. You can take a sauna or lie in a bath tub full of warm water to help your body absorb oil. 
  • After the waiting period, you can take a shower. Just make sure you do not slip on the bathroom floor. You might want to wash your feet before entering the shower. 
  • Use a mild soap to wash off the oil. You need not moisturize your body afterward. Or, you can, if you wish.
A tip: Sesame Oil is the best for an oil massage. Sesame oil is the only oil which can get absorbed in the blood stream and removes the toxins from inside. You can also infuse your massage oil with herbs like lavender, jasmine, rose, sage or other herbs. Read this post to know how to infuse oils with herbs.

Update: After a hot shower at night, you can devote 10-15 minutes to massage your body. Do not be generous with your oil. Instead use 5 drops of oil for each part of the body.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ginger for hair

Apart from the discussed advantages of Ginger, it is also great for increasing the blood circulation in the body. So, a little ginger juice added to your hair oil does make a lot of difference. Next time you are about to oil your hair, mix in a table spoon of ginger juice into the oil and apply it to the scalp. This would make your scalp feel tingly and very warm due to the increased blood circulation in the scalp. This remedy would promote hair growth and remove dandruff from the scalp. It also reduces hair loss.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting ready for your Wedding?

Wedding season is on and I am sure many of you are getting ready for the big day.Obviously you would want to look your best and feel your best for your special day. So, here is a summary of how should you plan your beauty routines and salon appointments for your hair style, hair colorings, facial appointments, dental imperfections, make up consultation and workout schedule. Read the beauty countdown here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to infuse herbs in oil?

Herbs infusion is a great way to get the effect of herbs into the oils. You can, then, use these oils for your body massages, soap making, hair treatment or even for cooking. I have even talked about infusing herbs to make a great hair oil which promotes faster hair growth. So, today, I am going to talk about how to infuse these herbs into the oils. There are actually two methods.

One, I have already talked about is the cold jar method. You fill the oil in a transparent glass jar and put all the herbs in it and expose the jar to direct sun light for two days to a week shaking the jar occasionally to ensure a uniform dispensing of the herbs. This is actually a time taking method. So, if you want a herbal oil infusion within some hours or, at max, just a day then go for the second method.

The second method is pretty easy. You just need to use double boiler. It is fine if you do not have one at home. Just follow these steps and your herbal infusion is made.
  • Place a big pot filled with water on the stove. 
  • Now, place another utensil inside the bog pot. 
  • Make sure that the water in the big pot is just enough to provide heat to the utensil inside but does not enter the utensil. The water should not enter the utensil, at any cost, otherwise the oil will get spoiled. A tip here is that fill the bog pot with only 1/5th water and pour more water to replenish the evaporated water as and when required and use the utensils which are next in size to each other so that there is not much space for the small utensil to get over turned in the large one. 
  • Now, pour the oil you want to infuse with herbs in the utensil. Make sure that it does not get overturned or anything. Place the herbs into the utensil now. 
  • Boil the water and keep it on simmer. This way the water will heat the oil and the herbs and let the herbs release their oils into the oil. Keep the heat on simmer and do not try to boil the oil or the herbs. That would ruin the infusion process. 
  • Stir the herbs gently once in a while.
  • Let the oil simmer for an hour or so. Let the oil cool and you can again repeat the process. Do this for a few hours. Five times is a good idea. 
  • Finally, after the last infusion process, let the oil cool to a temperature which you can handle and strain the oil using a strainer or a cheese cloth. Once the herbs gather in the cheese cloth, squeeze them hard to extract all the oil from them just like you would squeeze a tea bag for a strong flavor. Discard the herbs by burying them in soil in your garden or potted plants. 
  • You can continue this infusion process by using a next batch of fresh herbs again for a double or triple strength oils. Make sure you do not burn the oil. 
  • You can use this oil for anything. You can make your hair oil also in the same way. Infuse the oils two to three times with fresh batches of herbs and you sure would get a great hair oil. 
  • Make such infusions in small quantities. Make a batch of oil which will last a month or two. Do not make a large amount of oil infusion to prevent the oil from going rancid. And, always check the expiry date of your base oil. 
  • A caution: Do not, ever, try to infuse your oils in a microwave.  
  • Oh, I completely forgot to say that infuse only dried herbs and crush them little before you infuse them. Do not ground them. Fresh herbs will have moisture which will introduce bacteria into the oil which in turn will turn the oil rancid.  
How to dry the herbs?
Read this article to know more about drying herbs the right way.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Breathing: a way to lose weight and detox

Today's Habit: Breath deeply.

Detoxification and losing weight are becoming too similar these days because the habits or the lifestyle which one should lead to achieve both the goals are same. When you help detoxing your body, you tend to lose all the unnecessary fat in the body which has been accumulated just as a result of the unhealthy lifestyle one has been following. There is one simple habit which one can follow everyday to help your body detox and lose weight.

Breathing is an art which is best learned by watching the sleeping babies. If you notice them, you will find that they breathe from their abdomen/stomach. That is actually the correct way of breathing. Over time, we get so engrossed in our life that we forget to breathe and our breaths become shallow which is inadequate for the proper functioning of the body. The way we breathe (from the chest) does not allow the body to take in enough of oxygen which is important for the proper functioning of the body.

So, every time you breathe, remember to breathe from the abdomen. To help you with the habit, you can perform pranayam or breathing yoga postures. The best bet is anuloma-viloma posture which I have already talked about in one of my earlier posts.Performing this exercise and pranayam everyday by taking deep breaths early in morning as soon as you get up, you would be in-taking more oxygen into your body. This will also help in proper blood circulation all over the body and hair growth. To help you with deep breaths, you can also resort to heavy and intense exercises if you like.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Homemade Head to Toe Beauty Recipes

I would like to share with you an interesting collection of the beauty recipes I found online which cover your whole body so you can set aside an afternoon or an evening for yourself and give yourself a spa-like indulgence. These homemade recipe collection includes a foot soak, milk bath, papaya face mask, honey hair pack, a lavender face spray, facial massage oil, fresh strawberry mask, avocado hair conditioner and recipes for various kinds of bath soaks like a bubble bath or an invigorating bath. So, go ahead and enjoy the recipes here.

While you are there looking at the recipes, you can also have a look at various homemade beauty care tips. These tips include recipes for an aloe vera facial cleanser, a chamomile and oatmeal facial scrub, an avocado facial mask, honey lip scrub, pineapple sage facial mask, hand and foot scrubs, a lavender bath, a skin forming clay mask, a refreshing toner, an eye cream and an all purpose moisturizer. Look for them here

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weight Loss Tips

While surfing the internet, I came across a really great video which has lot of information about how to lose weight - the do's and the dont's. It is around a 20 minute video. But, before I share the link to the video, I want to make you aware that it is actually an advertising video for their weight loss program. And, I do not have any kind of affiliate link with them or I am not doing this for any personal gain of mine. I do not earn anything out of it. I am sharing this link purely because I liked the whole lot of information shared on there and would love you all to gain that information too.