Monday, January 18, 2010

A recipe for faster hair growth and beautiful looking skin {DIY}

Today, I will be talking about a drink or a hair conditioner which will encourage more hair growth and make your skin look beautiful all times. Yes, the recipe can be used as both a drink and a conditioner. And, it makes a fabulous conditioner. It makes your hair go glossy and so silky that you would want to touch it again and again.

A blend of banana, yogurt and honey. Yes, I know it sounds yummy and it does taste yummy. And, works even more fabulously. Put it on your face, hair or mouth, you will get its effects any how. The blend is abundant with the nutrient 'Biotin' which is one of the most important vitamin needed to slow down hair loss and it might help in stimulating hair growth. All of the ingredients are individually good for skin and hair. It will make your skin glow with health all day long. You can apply it every day too. Drink it every day to improve your hair.You can add strawberries too. Its rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. And, will help detox your body in a better way.

So, hopefully, you are gonna go to your kitchen right now and blend this smoothie. Have a yummy drink. Note: Eating banana every day does not increase the weight. It only adds to our lack of exercise. So, do not forget to work out even if you are not on the biotin drink.