Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Green Tea Beauty Uses {DIY}

We all are, by now, aware of the benefits of drinking Green Tea everyday thanks to the marketing of its benefits done so aggressively by everyone from cosmetics to health care professionals.

It can provide you with abundant anti-oxidants to slow down your aging process. You can cut down your calories by not adding any sugar or honey to your tea but it depends on your taste, of course. Not everyone can drink it. Anyways, I am not here to tell you how to drink your cup of tea or tell you about its benefits. I know that you all are more than saturated with all that information.

You all must have heard about the growing use of green tea extracts in the cosmetic industry. Well, instead of spending large bucks on buying such products which contain less than 10% of the green tea extract as its ingredient and mixed with all sorts of chemicals, you can use your own freshly brewed green tea for the same effects at home and save your bucks simultaneously. You can use green tea as a rinse for your hair, wash your face with it, use it as a toner, in the body scrub and for those people who like making their own moisturizers and all, you can use green tea instead of simple distilled water to provide you with extra benefits. After drinking your cup of tea, you can use the left over tea leaves to brew another cup. You might want it to be a little concentrated so use less water and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. After straining, put the brew in the fridge for half hour. When chilled, you can use it the way you want to. You can also relax your eyes by placing cotton balls saturated with green tea on your eyes.

If you do not drink green tea then you can buy the supplements available at drug stores. Enjoy your cup of tea and the health and skin benefits that come with it.

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  1. Hi!! I know this is a reaaaaly old post but I want to ask you a vital question about green tea. Do you brew your green tea long or just a short waiting period is ok. I heard from somewhere that you need to drink you green tea while "it is green" so you should not leave your teabags or leaves for so long. Do you have an idea about this?

    1. yes, in fact. brew for 2 minutes and drink while its hot. leaving it probably oxidizes it coz it turns brownish!!

    2. check this:
      this is how I make my green tea.