Saturday, June 29, 2013

From the Archives : Exercises for Healthy and Beautiful Eyes {Eye Care}

Hope you are all enjoying your vacation.

I wrote this post during the New Year vacation of 2009. 

Well, today I have something really useful to tell you all. Its about cleaning the eyes. We all know the importance of keeping our eyes dust-free and giving them time to relax. Morning eye exercises are most important to keep eyes in good condition. There are various exercises which you can do.

Staring at an Object
Stare at a far away object without blinking your eyes till they begin to water. It will sting badly if you are a starter, but, you get used to it gradually. This is one of the best exercises to remove the toxins from eyes and also improves your self-confidence.
Tip: Try holding the eyelids with your fingers if you are not able to stare without blinking.

I have not done this since I wrote the post. Guess, its back to basics!!

Tighten and Relax
Close your eyes tightly and pull all your face muscles in a taut condition for 5 seconds. Relax. Rub your palms together to warm them and place them on your eyes for 5 seconds. Repeat the procedure 10 times.

This works really fantastically.

Simple Eye Movements
Look towards extreme right and then extreme left without blinking and without moving the head. Just move the eye balls. Repeat 5 times. Blink several times. Look up and then down. Repeat 5 times. Blink. Look diagonally up on left and then, diagonally down on right. Repeat 5 times. Blink. Follow the same with diagonal right up and diagonal left down. Repeat 5 times. Blink. Finally, rotate your eyes, first, in clockwise and, then, in anti-clockwise direction. Blink several times. 
Also, do not forget that when we stare at our laptops, we actually FORGET to blink!! Yes, that is true. So, remember to move away from the computer for 5 minutes every once in an hour. Use that time to gobble down some fluids into the system. Sitting at laptop also drains your eye and makes them dry and itchy! 

These exercises are enough to keep your eyes and the skin around it in good health. There are many others which you can try out. Do not forget to blink. Blinking keeps the eyes in watery condition and eliminates the toxins. The more you blink, better your eyes will look.

And, do not forget to wash your eyes with triphala infusion. It is so soothing for the eyes and apparently also improves the eye sight!

PS: The italicized paragraphs are updated.

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  1. HEY
    no offense
    but may i know the source of this information...particularly the first two exercises that you have mentioned..
    i completely agree with the blinking thing
    you can mail me if you dont want to put it here

    1. hi...i had read these exercises in a paper so rewrote from there!