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5 Simple Diet Tips to keep my family Healthy which you can also follow {Health}

Lately, being the sole caretaker of the house and our meal plans, I have started drifting towards the easy and not-necessarily healthy meals. Breakfast is proving more difficult to plan in the long run. It looks like a mess menu with 7 days with different breakfasts repeated without break week after week which is really monotonous.

I have not yet been able to tackle this breakfast issue because of my laziness as well but some of the healthier things I have been able to incorporate in our routine has definitely improved our health overall. Unfortunately, hubs does not take eggs so the protein has to be made up from somewhere else which is as yet I am unsure of.

One Apple a Day keeps Cravings Away

One good thing hubs has is not munching and eating unnecessarily. He has a limited appetite when compared to my voracious one. And, he also has a very limited meal needs. I am the one who needs variety and I so wish there was someone at my beck and call.

What I am doing for my Skin and Hair this Winter? {Skin Care}

Btw, did I share with you guys that I am in Delhi and the weather is decidedly chilly and dry and my skin is really not doing that well without a moisturiser. Not that Hyderabad is not equally dry, though. So, how are you thinking of taking care of your skin from the onset of winters. Have you prepared it for the change in weather?

So, once upon a time when I had written about winter skin care, I had mentioned that our skin care regime starts with having a bath in a day but now I would like to change it a bit. Our skin care regime starts with how we start the day and what we eat. As it is, we take less water in winters and if the body lacks good fats, skin does tend to get dry. 

Tip #1 - Water does not hydrate your skin!!

Okay, so a very common misconception is that if we drink 10-12 glasses of water, it should be enough to hydrate the skin from inside out. Well, that is not so! Water is necessary to maintain hydration levels but not enough. So, what out body needs is good fat and omega 3 and vitamin E for keeping soft and supple. 

Loving It / Using It Vol. 12 - MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil

MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil product review

So, by now, you must surely be aware how huge a fan of hair oils I am and of hair care tips. My favourite time pass is to search out for new tips in hair care department. That is why the latest on the block is the egg hair oil I am using currently. Sounds interesting, right? Anyways, I shall discuss about this product some other time.

Let me jump right in for the current product we are here to talk about. So, this is a product by Lancy who runs the Makeup and Beauty Home blog. Apparently, this product is a concoction of a lot of herbs in a secret ratio which results in amazing hair which has given Lancy her long locks. And, no doubt, its a family secret which they have been carrying all along :)

Loving It / Using It : Using It

Babies, Diaper Rashes, their Skin? {Baby Skin Care}

So, there is this one thing I noticed the other day and thought I would share with you guys. It is about babies and their skin and using diapers. 

Well, I know diapers have made life pretty easy for the new-age parents! But, how responsibly are we using them? Hubby's friend recently delivered a baby and what a cute chubby baby she is :) But, the cuteness gets marred when you see rashes on her thighs and the hard skin developed on her cheeks. 

Well, obviously, the cheek rash is not a result of diaper. So, that is a different story. 

Now, as I was discussing with my mum, we with our not-so-delicate skins find it so inconvenient to live with the pads during those 5 days. Then, how can we even expect those small little chums, with oh-so-delicate skins, bear the heavy and extremely uncomfortable diaper all the time. And, the baby I am talking about suffers from the same issue with all the red marks on her thighs.  

Loving It / Using It Vol. 11 - Omved Purifying Shampoo Brahmi & Peppermint for all hair types

Omved Purifying Shampoo Brahmi & Peppermint for all hair types product review for hair care

Sometime in between flipkart had discontinued selling my favourite Organic Surge shampoo and I was looking around to see if I could get used to something else!! And, then, Omved people sent out their product to check out.

I was excited to try it out because of the fact that they are a completely organic brand and I have loved their body oil which I had reviewed earlier. And, I have overshot the reviewing time (again!) but I have used the product so thoroughly and almost to the last drop!! Now, I am not really sure if I love the product because I have had variable results with it, honestly!

Loving It / Using It : Using It