Thursday, January 29, 2015

#OneMonthtoHealthyHair Challenge - How's my Hair doing?

Can you guess the products? I love how it adds a pop of color to my shelf!!

So, let me state three things which happened in the last week!!

1. I have been wanting to change my shampoo since quite long now - either the shampoo I have been using has stopped working or my hair needs a change or I am just too bored of using a single brand for more than two years. And, I had been seriously considering trying the two brand ranges which have been reportedly doing well for many! 

2. I am prepping the hair for the #OneMonthtoHealthyHair event starting March 1st!

3. And, then, I get a mail from a brand about a hair challenge they are conducting. I have to use their products for one month and report back! Incidentally, this range is one of the brands I had been seriously considering so I said yes! 

So, the first step in the activity is to detail out on the present condition of my hair!! 

My Biggest Hair Problem!

I have dry curly hair which tends to develop lot of splits if not cared for regularly, and by that I mean ever week!! And, it does tend to get a bit rough sometimes like it did these winters which is the major reason why I had been thinking of changing the shampoo. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

From the Archives : Do you know why is your Skin Dry? {Skin Care}

Revisiting this post and updating it. So, please go through it once again! 

This winter has been particularly dry in the city and after ages of time, I experienced flaky and cracked skin! And, it has been hell for me for the past couple of days! Which made me realize why is my skin reacting in this way!

I have used coconut oil, almond oil, apricot oil, even cocoa butter and the recent DIY - washed ghee. They have all helped a bit but not much! And, then, I recalled that there are actually two types of dry skin - dehydrated and actually dry skin!
Do you really know the difference between dry skin and oily skin? Yes, you will say. Dry skin feels stretched and oily skin is like a frying pan. But, ultimately the chemistry of both these types of skin lack some important ingredient which keeps the skin balanced. Either the skin lacks hydration or moisturization

Friday, January 23, 2015

From the Archives: #OneMonthtoHealthyHair - Routine Hair Care {Hair Care}

This is my first hair care post which I am reviving it today with some updates! Hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it. Feeling nostalgic revisiting the post after 5 years!

my hair
My favorite click for my hair diaries!

Hair is one of the first thing which gets noticed when you meet a person. It can create or destroy one's personality. It can make a plain person beautiful. Whenever you meet or come across someone with beautiful long hair, did you ever find yourself wishing you had that hair!

There are very simple rules for a good hair care which MUST be done consistently so as to ensure it looks amazing!!

Hair undergoes major changes three times in a woman's life: puberty, child birth and menopause. Apart from that, it is said that our Hair undergoes texture change every seven years. Now, who knew that?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Its Just Life Vol. 4 - Let us Uncomplicate!

quote on life

So, if you have read my blogging goals for the current year, you would already know that professional blogging has made my life pretty complicated!! I have lost the focus on blogging by becoming a full time blogger. The focus had shifted to making the blog self-sustainable. And, reading a whole lot about it became just too much for me!

It was like being bombarded by do this and do that and this would not work and that would not work. You know internet is a pretty negative place if you really do not know what you want!

This entire exercise made me lose interest in writing! And, that was BAD. You should really be selective about what information you consume. Let's start!

1. Clear Your Mind

You really need to be selective about what you let sit in your mind. There is so much of everything happening around and you really can not help thinking about everything. So, chuck everything from your mind. 

If you have ever worked in any company, you would know that quite a lot of people prefer freshers. No, not because of lesser salary but because of lesser experience. A mind with a clean slate can be moulded in anyway you want. Where as a mind with certain principles of its own will never react the way you want it to. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Blogging Series Vol. 19 - Blogging Goals for #2015!!

blogging goals for perfectskincareforyou in 2015

Well, I have to say that since I have taken full time blogging, it has been feeling overwhelming! Being a professional blogger increases the commercial interests and that has made me lose focus on what made me start blogging in the first place! It was like reading all about blogging except writing - you know do this, do that and do what not and avoid this and this would not work out and the list is endless. Whew!

So, I thought it would be good to realign myself with what and why of the blog before proceeding to do anything! This past week has been a silent one - first with the festival frenzy and then with all of this thinking. And, finally, I have decided to start with a clean slate. So, let us check what all we have in store for #2015.

#1. Realigning the purpose and goals of the Blog

I remember why I had started this blog. It was to share my knowledge on how to take care of skin and hair using simple home remedies which were easy on the pocket and equally effective. So, budget was one of the mantras at that time. I was studying and I really did not intend to spend much.

While writing about skin and hair, delving into healthy lifestyle was inevitable. So, there were and are a lot of articles about simpler lifestyle and healthy habits which if integrated with daily habits would be one step closer to leading a healthy life.