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5 Veggies that help with Acne {Five Series}

So, I was checking through my drafts and I came across this post which I had written long back and just left it as it is. So, let me recount some of the rarely heard home remedies which have great affect on the bacteria which result in acne.

It is rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin C, both of which help in getting a glowing and radiant skin and they also fight hyper-pigmentation. Grate a piece of cabbage and extract its juice. Apply it topically, let it dry and wash off. And, it also helps flushing out the toxins when taken internally.

Radish is rich in ascorbic acid, which is one form of Vitamin C, and potassium,  whose deficiency can cause acne and Vitamin A and K. It helps fight the inflammation in the skin.

5 Beauty mistakes you might be making too {Five Series}

Whenever my hand used to slide to pick the skin on my chin, I used to get a smack from my mom! And, it has now so ingrained in my subconscious that whenever I pick my skin, I expect my mom to smack my hand :D Obviously because she used to complain it was ruining my skin. In fact, I have done far worse to my skin and hair. Check out my beauty mistakes so that you can stop making them, if you are!

Picking my Hair
This was way back 10 years ago. I used to have a horrible hair and loads of split ends and I used to think if I peel off one of the ends, my hair will be alright again! Well, then, I did not have the extensive hair care knowledge I have today :|

But, it is one of the worst ways you can damage your hair. Remedy is to trim the hair as soon as you spot one split in your hair. Splits tend to travel up the hair length and cause hair thinning.

How to make my child fair? {Beauty Philosophy}

This is not a post on fairness or to berate people who preach such things. The post today is about our responsibility to make things better and not fall victims to the same age-old practices which we have criticized before becoming a prey to it.

In my own family, I have seen countless women suffering from inferiority complex because either their mother, sister or, worse still, mother-in-law is fairer than them. I know this sounds a little extreme but these are small nuances which have great effect on relationships as well in the later life! There is nothing called fairness. We all have a pre-defined skin tones and we can never change them. 

Take me for example, my mother is extremely fair where as my father is the opposite end of the pole. There is a lot of age difference in my mom and dad and thanks to her genes, my mother looks younger than her age and has very little gray hair even though she is 52 now. Where as, my father started greying post 45 which is, I guess, a decent age. And, I did not favor either of them in the skin tone. I am a middle with a darker wheatish skin tone. So, I was ridiculed on one hand for being too dark and for being fair enough on another :D

Civilians vs Villians [Weekend Post]

Story Weavers

Read the previous part of the story here.

Roohi wanted the latest Reader's Digest. "Can I get a book from the book stall? Please!". "Sure, Roohi. But, will you be able to find it alone?". "Yes, mam, I can. I saw it while we were coming from the entrance. It is just beside the stairs.". "Ok, then, run along and come as soon as you are done.". And, she goes jumping towards the book shop, her pony tails and the lace of her frock swaying with perfect rhythm. An extremely clever and smart girl of 9 had better reading choices than most adults. She had already graduated to Kafka and Dostoyevsky even though understanding them was a lot difficult for her. Well, the product of an under-cover agent and one of the renowned journalist of the country could be anything but!

When she was asked for payment for the Reader's Digest she bought, her hand accidentally came across the toy phone lying in her pink backpack. She paid up, collected the book, restored the balance and the package to her backpack and got lost in the reverie. Roohi and her father were pretty close and they shared their secrets with each other. Since mommy had no time for the baby, daddy had to make up for the lack of it. It was not that Tara was not fond of Roohi, her priorities were just different.

When Roohi had told about the Delhi excursion to her parents, "Daddy, mommy, our teacher is taking 5 stuents from our class for an excursion to Delhi, please I want to go", both had reacted with enthusiasm. While packing her suitcase, her daddy had given this toy phone to her. Shekhar had explained Roohi a lot of things over the years, cracking ciphers, teaching her to be logical during problem solving, how to go over issues methodically and prioritize things with its urgency, not to lose brain while in critical situations and even gave her self-defence classes. While giving the toy phone, he had told her about the satellite phones and how they were different from the regular mobile phones. He told her that he would call her on this number when in any emergency or that she could also call him up whenever necessary. 

Books 2014 Vol. 7 - "Keep the Change" by Nirupama Subramaniam [Weekend Post]

Well, as I mentioned while reviewing If it's not forever, It's not Love that I am not a major fan of Indian fiction, especially the romance genre. But, when I was browsing through the catalog of Just Books online, I came across this book and picked it up based on the hunch that its cover illustration is interesting. 

Needless to say, I found nothing in the book which could justify the title!! It is a typical story of a South Indian Tam Brahm, on the verge of being over-aged for marriage, breaks through her boring life in Chennai and moves to Mumbai for a corporate experience and new life. 
Sometimes I think Jimmy is totally detached from our work and doing timepass. I like this new word - timepass, like eating peanuts on the train, chumma. Amma will be shocked to know that chumma does not mean timepass in Mumbai but kissing, as I discovered a few days ago, much to my embarrassment and Jimmy's amusement. - From the Book