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Death of Terror [Game of Blogs - Part 30]


Read the first part of the story here and the previous part here.

Shekhar has found out the two terrorists and their prisoners as soon as they got down from the vehicle. He and his comrades had taken positions already and were ready to act on sight. Just after a half hour of wait, they spotted the headlights of a car and listened to a van turning in towards the stadium. As soon as Shekhar spotted Tara among them, his heart heaved a sigh of relief. As soon as all the hostages life were ensured, Shekhar ordered his team to take down the two men.

For extra safety, five of the Shekhar's team started tailing the terrorists. They followed them to the locker room where the hostages were put in one corner and the terrorists were pacing up and down trying to call someone. "Huzoor is not picking up the phone. I do not understand what should we do. He said someone will meet us here. But, the stadium is damn empty. Should we kill these people and go away from here?", said one of them. That other answered, "Let us wait for some time". 

Realizing that these people did not know much about the upcoming operation, the team of 5 decides they can be dispensed with. There fire at the head of one of the terrorists and he falls down. The other takes hold of Tara in bid to save himself. "Stay away from me or I will shoot her". The team splits up and two of them step out of the shadows and put down their guns. The terrorist thinks himself safe and starts backing away along with Tara. Meanwhile, two of the other people tail him in the dark. As soon as they see his grip on Tara laxing, they shoot him in the heart to kill him instantly. The hostages are taken to safety and escorted out of the stadium. 

5 Tips for an Acne-Free Face {Guest Post}

Anyone who has had an acne-riddled face knows how hard it can be to get rid of the acne – and keep it away. Many acne-fighting face washes and lotions are expensive and can be pretty harsh on sensitive skin. Additionally, they only fight half of the acne battle.

When trying to eliminate acne, you want to fight two ways — from the outside and from the inside. Acne products only fight pimples on the surface, but more natural remedies can help control and balance your body’s hormones to stop acne from appearing. From healthy habits to seemingly-magical face recipes, getting rid of acne can finally become a reality.

Don’t Touch

It’s as simple as it sounds — don’t touch your acne. For whatever reason, it seems to be part of human nature to want to touch anything seemingly unnatural with our bodies, whether that means bug bites, scabs or acne. However, when you poke and prod at your pimples, you are aggravating the skin and exposing it to more oils that will only fuel it. It’s especially important not to pop pimples, as that can leave scars and possibly cause infection. Instead, using the cotton ball and hot water method yields safer results.

Just Gossip Vol. 35 - Bloggie Vacation!

Happy Dusshera!!

So, finally, we are heading to a vacation after like ages and since I did not want to take the stress of churning out post after post, I thought I would take a vacation instead. So, see you folks on Tuesday or Wednesday. Actually, my return ticket is not yet booked so no idea when I will be back :D

But, in the meanwhile, you do not disappear from the blog and keep commenting :)

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My Hair Diary - September 2014

Huh...I miss doing these series the most and guess what, there are only 12 of these posts in a year! And, this is the 10th month of the year and next month would be my first wedding anniversary. Gosh, how time flies! Soon, I will be the old bride :(

Perfect Skin Care for you this month! Vol. 1 - September 2014

upcoming reviews at Perfect Skin Care for you
Upcoming Reviews on the blog

Well, as you all are well aware by now that I have started blogging full time and I am revamping the entire site slowly. So, expect a lot more changes in the coming times and so this is one of the new features on the blog. Basically, it will just be a round up of what has been happening behind the scenes and what you can expect in the coming month. So, lets get started :)

A lot happened this month and I am extremely happy with myself. Hope you are liking the new content.

This month 

Here are some of the highlighted posts of the month: