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5 ways to keep the surroundings clean {Five Series}

So, I am a certified obsessive cleaner. Hubs has been saying that since a year for now but I always used to take it for granted but yesterday I was reading this article on cleanliness which made me finally accept the accusations hurled against me!!

Anyways, leaving jokes apart, yes, the disorder and chaos and things thrown here and there do bother me! And, P specializes in it!! I think all guys are like that. They will do the things you specially forbid them to!

But, that is not what is on my mind. A few days back we went to a really good restaurant (where the crowd is generally the high end or well educated class) which is accessible by lift. Unfortunately, while coming back at 11 PM in the night, we find that the lift was littered with discarded mouth freshener packets. I had actually clicked the pics as well but they are in P's mobile and forgot to transfer them!! 

Books 2014 Vol. 9 - "7 Secrets of Goddess" by Devidutt Patnaik

7 secrets of goddess by devidutt patnaik

About the Author

Mythology has always been an inherent part of Hindu culture. Where we used to spend our Sundays being enriched in the epics, the newer generation is gradually being drifted apart by the new age technology. So, how do we fulfil this gap? 

Devidutt Patnaik is one of the authors who has been constantly churning stories from various epics for our delight and trust me when I say, we are unaware of some them. I have already read a few of them and would definitely recommend The Pregnant King. Yes, some of his books may be just too mature for kids but we can always retell the stories in our way!

Along with such retelling of small episodes in the puranas or retelling of the major epics themselves, he also specializes in writing about the interpretation of the epics in the factual form as they come! Whether this interpretation is true or not is something which the author right away absolves himself of by stating that every man's interpretation of these works is correct.

Just Gossip Vol. 37 - Some movie mentions!!

This long vacation has been pretty much a movie binging time. I have lost track of all the sitcoms I used to check out which were due to begin in October. Anyways, I shall do that once I get rid of hubby darling!! Gosh, having them home at all times is so time-consuming, dontchya think? :D

Finding Fanny

I could actually want the movie to be lost. Unless I am being too dumb or sarcastic, I am not one of the intelligent crowd for which the movie was made!! But, Dimple Kapadia stands out and the famous Pankaj Kapur painting of her was a hilarious and poignant sequence in the movie which deserves a mention.


Just now, I am watching it in the television. It has barely been a month since it has released and its already on the small screen.

Anyways, it has received many bad reviews but I really liked the movie. It is a cute small love story unless we sit and analyze the goods and bads.

Just Gossip Vol. 36 - A difficult business!!

Yeah, I know I disappeared again!! Sorry folks for being so erratic. The vacation had turned into a medical leave for hubby and I was also getting tired with all the household work and then the festive season. Now, I am totally drained out. So, here is a big tired hello to all of you on a Sunday.

Btw, did you check out the new About Me page?

Well, for all my readers, there is surprise on the About Me page so do check it out and let me know if you like it. I have finally put a face to the blog. Hope that helps you connect more to it :)

Personal Care

This is a personal experience that my self-care routine has gone to a toss after marriage. So many things to do and so many chores to complete that it looks like a never-ending project. So, people over there, I strongly suggest you to make your life whole lot easier and enjoy it!!

Death of Terror [Game of Blogs - Part 30]


Read the first part of the story here and the previous part here.

Shekhar has found out the two terrorists and their prisoners as soon as they got down from the vehicle. He and his comrades had taken positions already and were ready to act on sight. Just after a half hour of wait, they spotted the headlights of a car and listened to a van turning in towards the stadium. As soon as Shekhar spotted Tara among them, his heart heaved a sigh of relief. As soon as all the hostages life were ensured, Shekhar ordered his team to take down the two men.

For extra safety, five of the Shekhar's team started tailing the terrorists. They followed them to the locker room where the hostages were put in one corner and the terrorists were pacing up and down trying to call someone. "Huzoor is not picking up the phone. I do not understand what should we do. He said someone will meet us here. But, the stadium is damn empty. Should we kill these people and go away from here?", said one of them. That other answered, "Let us wait for some time". 

Realizing that these people did not know much about the upcoming operation, the team of 5 decides they can be dispensed with. There fire at the head of one of the terrorists and he falls down. The other takes hold of Tara in bid to save himself. "Stay away from me or I will shoot her". The team splits up and two of them step out of the shadows and put down their guns. The terrorist thinks himself safe and starts backing away along with Tara. Meanwhile, two of the other people tail him in the dark. As soon as they see his grip on Tara laxing, they shoot him in the heart to kill him instantly. The hostages are taken to safety and escorted out of the stadium.