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Just Gossip Vol. 35 - Bloggie Vacation!

Happy Dusshera!!

So, finally, we are heading to a vacation after like ages and since I did not want to take the stress of churning out post after post, I thought I would take a vacation instead. So, see you folks on Tuesday or Wednesday. Actually, my return ticket is not yet booked so no idea when I will be back :D

But, in the meanwhile, you do not disappear from the blog and keep commenting :)

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My Hair Diary - September 2014

Huh...I miss doing these series the most and guess what, there are only 12 of these posts in a year! And, this is the 10th month of the year and next month would be my first wedding anniversary. Gosh, how time flies! Soon, I will be the old bride :(

Perfect Skin Care for you this month! Vol. 1 - September 2014

upcoming reviews at Perfect Skin Care for you
Upcoming Reviews on the blog

Well, as you all are well aware by now that I have started blogging full time and I am revamping the entire site slowly. So, expect a lot more changes in the coming times and so this is one of the new features on the blog. Basically, it will just be a round up of what has been happening behind the scenes and what you can expect in the coming month. So, lets get started :)

A lot happened this month and I am extremely happy with myself. Hope you are liking the new content.

This month 

Here are some of the highlighted posts of the month:

Exercising and Pregnancy {Pregnancy} [Part - III]

Read the previous part of this series here. This is the last post of this series. 

Guest Post by Punam

General cautions for pregnancy exercise

While most forms of exercise are safe, there are some exercises that involve positions and movements that may be uncomfortable or harmful for pregnant women. Be guided by your doctor or physiotherapist on those positions but let me share some of the generic cautions:
  • Avoid raising your body temperature too high – for example, don’t soak in hot spas or exercise to the point of heavy sweating. Reduce your level of exercise on hot or humid days.
  • Don't exercise to the point of exhaustion.
  • If weight training, choose low weights and medium to high repetitions – avoid lifting heavy weights altogether.
  • Don’t exercise if you are ill or feverish.
  • If you don’t feel like exercising on a particular day – then don’t! It is important to listen to your body to avoid unnecessarily depleting your energy reserves.

Nutmeg for Dry and Oily Skin {Reader's Tip}

nutmeg powder for oily and dry skin

This is one of the tips I found in the comments while browsing through them.
Hey friends..! Try this.. really works.. Oily skin : Nutmeg paste prepared with water (apply it on face, leave it for 20mins and wash it off). Dry skin : Nutmeg paste prepared with raw milk (apply it on face, leave it for 20mins and wash it off). You can use honey instead of water too. Hope this will help you all :) on Difference between Pimples and Acne {Reader's Query}
As the reader said, nutmeg works wonders on the skin. Yes, the tip is extremely useful. And, do not forget to check out other Reader's Tips.